Torque’s Torliv Ayurvedic Healthy Liver Tonic Syrup – 200ml

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Your liver is an unsung hero despite the fact it does a thousand jobs in our body. Being liver healthy is equally important to being heart healthy. That’s why Torque brings to you TORLIV Healthy Syrup – an Ayurvedic supplement for your liver. It’s herbal components help detoxify and promote overall liver health without any side effects.

  • TORLIV Healthy Syrup: Ayurvedic liver support for optimal well-being.
  • Detoxify and nourish your liver with herbal components, no side effects.
  • Prioritize liver health, your body’s unsung hero, with TORLIV Syrup.
  • Ayurvedic supplement for a healthy, thriving liver without side effects.
  1. Punarnava
  2. Guduchi
  3. Mulethi
  4. Pudina
  5. Kakamachi
  6. Kutki
  7. Bhuamla
  8. kalamegh
  9. Haridra
  10. Amla
  11. mandur bhasam
  12. Shilajeet
  13. Kashish Bhasam

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